Maintenance-Free Walk-In Tubs Built To Last A Lifetime

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  • Allowing you to keep your home as you grow older.
  • A complete array of features designed to reduce falls.

  • Easy to clean and maintain year after year.

  • Resistant to mold and mildew growth.

  • Resistant to peeling, fading, staining, chipping, and cracking.
  • Lifetime Warranty on the entire tub.

  • Plus a FREE 14-Point Quality Control Inspection!

A Walk-In Tub Means You Can Enjoy Safe, Comfortable Bathing On Your Own Terms

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The Top 5 Reasons Our Clients Choose To Get A Walk-In Tub

“I need hydrotherapy to manage my pain.”

By carefully combining heat, buoyancy and massage, hydrotherapy walk-in tubs invigorate and gently massage the body. This helps with aches and pains while helping to manage symptoms associated with arthritis, circulation challenges, fibromyalgia, diabetes and other common health issues.

“I’m afraid of falling.”

Many of our customers have daily difficulty navigating the edge of a traditional bathtub. Stepping over a 17-19 inch rim can be more challenging as we age. It can become even worse if you’re experiencing mobility limitations. Walk-in tubs have low threshold entries, airtight door seals as well as ADA compliant seats.

“I can’t bathe any longer.”

Some clients require assistance from others in and out of conventional bathtubs or shower stalls. Our customers would much prefer to bathe on their own terms. Walk-in bathtubs give homeowners the ability to bathe safely and comfortably at home.

“I’m unable to remain in my home.”

This is a tough one. We’re empathetic to our customers who fear being forced from their homes because they can’t live safely on their own with a regular bathtub. Thankfully, assisted living facilities aren’t the only option. Walk-in tubs are designed with safety in mind and can help seniors live out their golden years at home.

“I want to be happy at home.”

Quality of life is extremely important to our customers. Whether it’s maintaining dignity and independence while bathing or simply the need for peace of mind, walk-in tubs can deliver that essential security.

It is not about a bath. It’s about your security, your safety and your comfort.

  • No More Slips And Falls

    A fall in the bathroom has serious potential to put someone in hospital and can be life-threatening. Walk-in tubs are the perfect option for homeowners looking to make sure they can bathe safer and more comfortably.

  • Maintain Your Independence

    Don’t let a traditional bathtub take your independence away. These walk-in tubs are safe to enter and exit without worrying about slips and falls.

  • Age Gracefully At Your Home

    9 out of 10 people want to get older in their own home. Using a walk-in tub will allow you to stay at your home longer without any assistance.

  • Spa Like Experience

    Our walk-in tubs feature a whirlpool massage and hydrotherapy which can be greatly effective in physical therapy.

Designed with you in mind

Feature 1

Lowest Step‑In

Our step-in is the lowest of any other walk-in bath on the market and has been designed with your safety in mind.

Feature 2

Multifunction Handshower

Enjoy the features of a shower with the comforts of a bath. Our specialized handshower has three soothing spray settings.

Feature 3

Comfort Heated Seat System

Our 17" High ADA Approved Seat is equipped with hydrotherapy jets to provide you relief where you need it most.

Feature 4

Fast-Drain Technology

Featuring exclusive technology, our walk‑in bath has one of the fastest drain and fill times available.

Feature 5

In-tub Control Panel

Includes easy-touch push button controls to customize your bathing experience.

Feature 6

Easy‑to‑Grip Handrails

Ease in and out of your seat securely using both interior grab bars and exterior side frame handrails.

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